Japan Ornamental Fish Association (jOFa) is the largest association of aquarium trade industry in Japan. More than 100 leading aquarium related corporations are registered as our member. Members include companies of manufacturers, importers/exporters, breeders, wholesalers, retailers, display maintenance operators , and publishers located at all over Japan. The association is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries and by the Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry of Japan.

jOFa has been established in April, 2008 by the members of the former association “Japan Aquarium Fish Association-JAFA”, which history starts from February, 1965. The founder was Mr Matsuki Yoshida.

The association plays an active part in organizing Aquarium Events (*), holding conferences and seminars for our members and hobbyists, observing the law & regional rules of pet-animals, and exchanging informations with other global organizations for aquarium fish.

The recognition of Fish Keepers’ Degree (Kanshogyo Shiiku Kanrishi) is given by jOFa.

Our main goal is to promote and popularize AQUARIUM FISHES to the people in our country.

(*)We were the main sponsor of the following Events:-Japan Aquarium Fish Fair (held in Edogawa-Tokyo)-Aquarium Fair (held in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Roppongi -Tokyo)-Exotic Fish Exhibition in Summer (held in Shibuya-Tokyo)-Best Goldfish Tournament in Japan (held in Yatomi -Aichi Pref.)-Tokyo Aquario (held in Roppongi-Tokyo)-Osaka Aquarium Fair (held in Osaka)-Fukuoka Aquarium Fair (held in Fukuoka), ECO AQUA (held in Tokyo Odaiba) etc.